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Mrs. Shuchi Verma
80/441, Mansarovar,
Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA

Welcome to the Save The Soul

We are in need of volunteers and interns, who really want to do something different and extra in life, who are ready to face real challenges and are willing to share his or her skills, knowledge and experience for a great cause. Support is predominantly needed in Jaipur and a few other villages around Rajasthan, India.

We are a non-profit organization of volunteers who are dedicated to working and improving the lives and future of vulnerable children, adolescents and women from impoverished areas. We are offering free education to children in need, empowering and helping women by increasing their independence through vocational training, as well as teaching them how to produce work of their own. Our aim is to improve the living conditions of the locals in India and we need your support in doing so.

We offer you a variety of volunteer and internship opportunities, so that you can share your skills with our local community members. We provide you volunteering and internships to participate in projects dealing with health and education, community development and care, disadvantaged residents for children women and many more. The safety and security of each volunteer during their time with us is of utmost importance and priority.

You are our guests, and we will support you in every way possible. You can choose the type of work that match your skills and preference, support centers and partner schools, or come up with projects of your own. There are no restrictions in age, gender, language, education or experience. By volunteering or doing an internship, you can be part of such a great cause and will experience a very special, life-enhancing time in India.

Exploring India :
India is a country built on diversity. The reality for Indians is that many live their lives on the edge,fighting against poverty every day. While there are many urban areas where people are living comfortably, a large percentage, especially in rural communities,struggle each and every minute for survival. Many volunteers want to work in India to witness such conditions. We support volunteer work with travelling opportunities in India. You will gain a lot of love and learn wonderful new traditions, customs and experience an entirely different culture. You will also see beautiful places of "Incredible India", and in turn learn a lot about yourself!

We hope the following information will help you to learn more about our organization.

If you’re planning on coming to India, we would be glad to welcome you as one of our Volunteers / Intern Guests.

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  • Sponsor a child
  • Sponsor a woman vocation
  • Sponsor a program
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  • Sponsor a educational tripe
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  • Sponsor to school building
  • Sponsor a training program for girls and woman